FISHY ITCHY: 21 Reasons Why You May Have THE ITCH TO FISH!

April 09, 2014

1. When you see this picture your first thought is tarpon fishing:
Boca Grande Pass
2. It's not 8:00 PM, it's 4:00 AM and you're filling up the boat:
3. You live in a town where there is a marina every two miles:
4. Your boat is stored at one of those marinas:
5. You somehow know the people fishing in this picture:
6. You drink Anejo before, during and after fishing:
7. You own a portable fishing rod because you just never know:
8. You never have just one rod on the boat:
9. Your kayak looks something like this:
10. The Temp on Boca Grande, Fl. Google it:
11. You look forward to the ICAST show every year:
12. You love or hate the people who use YETI Coolers:
13. You own more than 1 pair of Costa Sunglasses:
14. You have posted a photo similar to this on FB or Instagram:
15. Your phone or desktop wallpaper looks something like this right now:
16. Your heart actually hearts when you see photos of other people fishing on social media:
17. You get excited when you see anything related to fishing on T.V. :
18. You either have a GoPro or have been ITCHING for one for months:
19. You completely lose your sh*! during shark week:
20. You have a fish on your iPhone case:
21. You wear FISHY ITCHY Performance Shirts 365 Days out of the year:

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