The Itch To Fish


We want to know why you have the ITCH TO FISH! Post your ITCHY reason to fish to our FB Page or tweet em' @FISHYITCHY #IRTF. Its simple, get a large amount of people to like, share, or retweet and we will cast it on the website.

  1. You have the ITCH TO FISH 24/7 or you're Nucking Futs!
  2. Drinkin' rum and chasin' drum.
  3. Sometimes we think we're going fishing but end up catching an ITCHY buzz.
  4. When I look down and see how pale my chest is and how my costa's haven't seen salt water in months, I get #IRTF. Created by Nick Grant @KCiNDLE.
  5. Love getting to tan my upper thighs with butter while catching me some dinner.
  6. Such a good feeling yellin' FISH ON and BOOOOWWOOOOP, after feeling the hit from the King.
  7. 'MERICA.
  9. Because I have caught a Sailfish and my husband has NOT!!! Created by Kathleen Purdy - World's Richest Tarpon Tournament.
  10. Family Tradition. Created by Sarah Joiner
  11. If I don't catch a fish soon, I'm liable to stab myself with a salad fork or possibly a dinner fork. I really can't tell the difference. Created by Jase Robertson on A&E.

  12. Show us your Lunkers!
  13. Because drinking beer before noon otherwise makes me an alcoholic. Created by Jesse Morse
  14. Hearing my drag whine. Created by Spencer Hodge.
  15. Salty air. Drink it in. It always goes down smooth.

  16. It gets me wet. Created by Stephanie Cole
  17. I awakened and realized I was a FISHIN ZOMBIE. Pretty much the best day of my life.
  18. Twas the day before ITCHMAS when out on the lake, the reels were spinning with monster bass throwing their wake. Created by @stpetesandy
  19. Every day is tarpon Tuesday at the FISHY ITCHY HQ.
  20. Summer: hair gets light, skin gets dark, water gets warm, drinks get cold, music gets loud, nights get longer, life gets better. Created by @JDallisFishing on twitter.