The Man Behind The Art - Srdjan Marjanovic

April 08, 2014

For me (Srdjan Marjanovic), drawing was always something that I loved to do. Even when I was in elementary school, I remember always doodling something on the back of my notebooks in class. Later on, I attended Electro-Technical High School in Serbia, Belgrade where I learned how to do drafting and to use technical pens. Thanks to my technical background, I developed the skill of being very precise and neat while creating my art. Moreover, I am very self-critical and competitive. I owe these personal characteristics to my 10-year involvement in professional basketball. Being an athlete taught me how to celebrate success, but also how to handle failure. Most importantly, it taught me how to accept criticism and to use it constructively to strengthen my weaknesses and become a better individual.

I like to invest myself in my work to explore different ideas, media, and techniques. I enjoy experimenting with light and color to set an appealing mood. My personality is reflected through dramatic light, value change. I also like mixing and matching different mediums and techniques. I love to expand and develop my visual communication skills with new challenges, and create more effective and convincing imagery. In my art, I often combine representative imagery with expressive mark-making. I enjoy using fewer elements of a design to say more. With an economy of mark-making, I can create solid artistic emphasis with just a few visual elements. For example, my personal logo is composed of 4 identical shapes, but thoughtfully rearranged to form the initials of my name (SM). For me, it reflects my appreciation for effective, efficient application of design.

I do freelance design, fine art, and photography. I had lived some exciting moments working with different people, and I have had the pleasure of satisfying their design needs. The quality of that work is reflected by the numerous awards that I won at state, national, and international level. To work as an Art Director for the Hawkeye, the student newspaper at ULM, has been an excellent opportunity for me to be able to apply my post-editing skills, in which I could contribute fresh concepts and original designs. The majority of my work for the Hawkeye was based on doing web design, print, collateral, multipage, and oversized pieces. Other work included photography, post-production clipping, retouching, labeling and organizing all images for the newspaper.

Although I am very detail-oriented person, and I push myself every day to meet both short and long term goals, I have come to realize that art is not just the finished product itself. Art is the process that gives an artist joy. That joy is the everyday challenge to find solutions to all tests and trials that life brings. I make small things in this big world, but in the end, I believe that small things can make a big difference in our lives.

Check out Srdjan's website and other designs.

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