What the ITCH... Fishing and Golf? How can this be?

May 21, 2014

Hey ITCHY Nation,

If you haven't already noticed, we launched FISHY ITCHY Golf on the website! Performance Shirts won't tee off until this Summer but The Golf Tees and The Masters Fisher are ready to be put to work.

Some may ask how fishing and golf relate and some may not give an ITCH. For those who do give an ITCH, keep on reading.

While growing up, owner Myles Moulton worked on golf courses throughout Florida his entire life. Golf courses located in Jacksonville, Palm Coast, St. Augustine, Kissimmee and Southwest Florida, where his itch to fish began! While working on these golf courses, he noticed that every course had a member who loved to carry their fishing pole with them. These members would usually cast a few lines in the early mornings when he was mowing greens or the late evenings when Myles was preparing for a golf tourney. Do you see where we're leading to?

What these members had and even some of the local kids who were lucky enough to have a personal golf cart to go out on, was the ITCH TO FISH! Even while playing a quick nine in the early mornings or late evenings, the ITCH TO FISH was just too powerful to resist. This is where fishing and golfing can relate. Can you think of any golf professionals who love to fish? We sure as ITCH can!

Our goal is to design Performance Shirts and Gear for those who use a fishing pole as their 14th golf club in the bag. Golfing and fishing, it doesn't get much better. Teeing off this Summer!


P.S. - Thank you to all who came out to the FISHY ITCHY Tent this past weekend during the World's Richest Tarpon Tournament. We had great success and can't wait for next years event!

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