Get ITCHY And Stay Fit To Hunt

February 19, 2015

When the leaders of FISHY Nation reached out and asked us to contribute to the Itch to Fish blog we answered with a resounding YES for three reasons!

  1. We love to fish
  2. We are big fans of their home base known to some as the Tarpon Capital of the World!
  3. We are even bigger fans of Fishy Itchy because we get them and their mission

The company that is causing people to forget about their jobs, honey do’s and other spousal/girlfriend commitments due to an insane itch to fish (and have a really, really good time doing it) really isn’t that different from what we do at Fit To Hunt. With Fishy Itchy, you have these guys who love landing giant tarpon, and want you to land BIG fish and have a heck of a time doing it!

Then you have Fit To Hunt which is, in short, a bunch of fitness nuts with a passion for all things outdoors! Most of the year we are sitting in trees in single digit temps trying to drop giant deer but when the weather warms we spend our fair share of time (at the displeasure of our wives and girlfriends) fishing. Our job is to boost the performance of our followers (we call them our Tribe) that will result in better outdoor experiences and we build this on four key principles: Back country morals (this means we “ain’t” always politically correct), family, fitness and fun! The fun part is essential.

What both companies do very well is to build a community. There is the FISHY Nation and the Tribe. Both are selling you a lifestyle that is going to bring you happiness, fun and memories that last a lifetime!

So, is Fit To Hunt about looking good in your camo? I suppose it could be although when you visit our website you will see we also sell can koozies and they aren’t exactly for protein shakes. Sure, we can help you drop a few pounds if that’s your goal but we get more jazzed to help our Tribe members build the endurance to trek ten miles in search of a bull elk, wade to a duck blind without falling face first or fight a 150 pound silver king in Boca Grande Pass (the aforementioned tarpon capitol of the world).

We want you healthy but working out to lower blood pressure (while important) is kind of boring. Hitting the gym because it will give you the physical tools to have more fun hunting and fishing will keep you motivated a whole lot longer because hunting and fishing is what gets your motor running.

We think there is room for you to be part of the Fishy Nation and our Tribe! They aren’t exclusive so feel free to call yourself a member of each! We also invite you to check out our website at, like us on Facebook at FIT TO HUNT and follow us on Twitter @fit_2_hunt. All of these sites contain free videos, blogs and tips to help you stay Fit To Hunt while doing what you can to satisfy that itch to fish!

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