ITCHY REASONS TO FISH - World's Richest Tarpon Tournament

May 29, 2013

We first want to thank Lew Hastings for letting FISHY ITCHY set up a tent in downtown Boca Grande and for putting on a great (ITCHY) tourney! Also, congratulations to Capt. Steve Ahlers for winning the World's Richest Tarpon Tournament.

During our time in downtown Boca, we gave future ITCHtomers the chance to receive a FREE koozie for their best #IRTF. What is #IRTF? #IRTF is short for ITCHY REASONS TO FISH. An ITCHY REASON TO FISH can be funny, serious, ITCHY, or a what the heck is that person talking about reason to fish? Simply put, why do you love to fish?

Listed below are everyones #IRTF from the World's Richest Tarpon Tournament. Just to let the ITCHY Nation know, May's #IRTF is in this list. Post to this blog what #IRTF you think won! 

Share / like / tweet / take a photo, if you see your #IRTF. Help spread the ITCHINESS across 'MERICA!

#IRTF during the World's Richest Tarpon Tournament.


Its fun.

I like catching stuff.

Like to eat.

Sun, water, beer, fish! Fish On!


Fun & Relaxation.

Get the ITCH out of the house.

I love It.

Thrill of the catch.

Whats not to love!?

Get a nice tan!


To get Myles to kiss me!

Just Because.


The Buzz.

To Relax.

To be on the water.


My kids love it

Bro's Fish.

To eat!

Because I have caught a sailfish and my husband has not!!

Born to fish.


Its the only thing my family knows!!

My hubby is captain, so all I know! Love it!!

Family tradition.

Go fishing with my wife.


American pride and beer.

Florida Girl, raised on the water.

Because you get to eat the fish.

The workout.

Cause its fun.

It gets me wet.

Get that sss-ucky sss-ucky!!

Knowing I can provide food if need to.

Better than working.

Dinner for my man to cook.

Beats working.

2 get in the sun, get wet.

To get away from the girlfriend.


Get away from the wife!

Get blacked out.

Make a living.

Why not? Just because.

Chill with the guys and drink some beers.

Why not.

Being on the boat and catching fish.


Click here for examples and more info on how to submit your #IRTF. 


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