FISHY ITCHY - University of Florida College Ambassador

September 04, 2013



FISHY ITCHY would like to introduce our University of Florida College Ambassador - Jesse Morse.

Short ITCHY Bio: Jesse is from Southwest, Florida and is the perfect candidate for FISHY ITCHY at Florida. He served 6 years in the United States Air Force, his favorite food is mexican (all mexican food, not just tacos), loves to workout and is one hell of a guy.

Favorite fish to catch: Snook or Jack

Favorite FISHY ITCHY: FISHY ITCHY Fish Eyes Tank. Women think I am Mr. Blue Sky's. (Its Sky's not Skies at FISHY ITCHY. Email us to find out why.)


Best ITCHY reason to fish: Because drinking beer before noon otherwise makes me an alcoholic.

Favorite place to fish: S.W. Florida Flats

College: The University of Florida

Graduating year: 2015

Life before FISHY ITCHY: I was kind of a nerd without many friends mostly because of my lack of fishing skills.

Life After FISHY ITCHY: After donning my first FISHY ITCHY tee to go to the bar, I immediately became the center of attention. It was like women had some sort of itch towards me. I began to catch more fish and was able to upgrade to a spin reel from my previous push button reel. 

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