500-lb Marlin Spears Man In The Leg.

January 06, 2016

Photo Credit: YOUTUBE
Photo Credit: YOUTUBE
Russell Ching and a few friends were fishing about 25 miles off Kaneohe when they hooked the fish.
Ching says they fought it for about an hour and a half before pulling it onto the boat.
By then, the marlin was dead. But little did they know, another battle was about to begin.
“As we dragged it in, all that weight started to slip and I was kind of in a bad position and it just went through my leg,” Ching said.
Home video shows the marlin’s bill going in point-first.
“When it first went in, I couldn’t believe how easy it went into my leg. I mean, it was like a hot knife through butter,” Ching said.
Ching says the spear pinned him to the inside of the boat, and he was trapped under the weight of the fish, which was more than 500 pounds.
“After that, I think shock set in and then it felt like somebody kicked me in the shin and that’s what it felt like the whole time,” he said. “I was always concerned about more than when they were alive, but this one was dead weight and the shifting weight puts it right in my leg which is, I couldn’t believe it, you know.”
Although he had the spear in his leg, luck was on his side. It sliced through cleanly, missing all major arteries.

Lucky wasn’t entirely on Ching’s side though, they were fishing over two hours from shore (25+ miles), and he was worried about loss of blood. Thankfully though the bill of the fish sticking into his leg actually stopped a great deal of blood from leaking out as the fishermen hauled ass back to shore where Ching was treated for his gruesome wounds. This is somewhat reminiscent of a famous Hawaiian fisherman who died earlier this year after being speared in the heart by a swordfish while spearfishing in the local harbor.
Photo Credit: YOUTUBE

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